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Rail Freight Service Review

On August 28, 2008 QGI Consulting Ltd. was contracted by Transport Canada to undertake a review of rail freight service in Canada.  QGI’s work was carried out in two separate projects defined by Transport Canada as part of the broader Rail Freight Service Review initiative. These include the Analysis of Order Fulfillment and Transit Time and the Analysis of Operating Practices within the rail based logistics system.  

These projects aim to create a better understanding of the Canadian rail based logistics system using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Broadly stated the key project elements include the development of comprehensive descriptions of key system elements linked to demand fulfillment and a rigorous and detailed quantitative analysis that will identify recent system performance. The quantitative analysis of system performance is to be supplemented by investigation with system participants to diagnose substantive deviations in performance and identify key drivers that impact system performance.

The reports prepared by QGI Consulting are available for download in English or French. To select your language of preference please use the English / French link in the upper left hand corner.


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